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AIPAC offshoot spending heavily to beat Cori Bush in her primary

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Pro-Israel groups are going all-out in a bid to dethrone a member of the House’s liberal Squad, Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), ahead of her Aug. 6 primary battle.

Data tracked by AdImpact show approximately $320,000 in ad reservations for cable, radio, satellite and other formats from the United Democracy Project — the independent expenditure arm of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — through next week.

Bush, who won her seat by defeating a long-time incumbent, has been heavily critical of the Israel government’s handling of the war in Gaza and demanded an immediate cease-fire of hostilities. She’s also faced legal scrutiny of her campaign spending on her security (though she denies any wrongdoing).

Bush, who first assumed office in Missouri’s most Democratic seat in 2021, faces St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell in what’s expected to be a competitive primary.

“UDP, AIPAC, and their extensive network of far-right billionaires, anti-abortion extremists, and GOP megadonors have been promising to spend millions in their effort to defeat me ever since they first bribed my opponent to enter this race,” Bush said in a statement.

“Unfortunately for them, organized people beats organized money, and our community is ready to show that St. Louis is not for sale.”