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Tuberville drops most military holds despite no change in Pentagon abortion policy

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Tommy Tuberville announced Tuesday he’s dropping most of his months-long holds on military officer nominations in the Senate, backing down from his vow to block them until the Pentagon changes an internal abortion policy.

The Alabama Republican plans to continue his holds on 12 four-star general nominees, he told reporters, but will release the rest effective immediately.

“I have no control over anybody else putting a hold on somebody. But for myself, they are released as we speak,” Tuberville said.

Tuberville’s surprising white flag follows months of pressure and growing frustration from his GOP colleagues, as the amount of held military promotions ballooned over 400. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was also threatening to force a vote on a resolution that would allow military nominations to be confirmed en masse, which would have required Republican votes and hamstrung the Alabamian’s strategy.