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Telit Cinterion Unveils High-Precision Global Navigation Satellite System IoT Module with Centimeter-Level Accuracy

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SE868K5-RTK delivers centimeter-level accuracy with Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) capabilities and optimal immunity for seamless operation near cellular or other radios
Compact 11x11mm form factor ensures adaptability in size-constrained applications and easy migration within the scalable xE868 family

Telit Cinterion, an end-to-end IoT solutions enabler, announces the launch of its SE868K5-RTK module, a high-precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver capable of centimeter-level accuracy.

Designed for seamless operation near cellular or other radios, the SE868K5-RTK ensures optimal immunity, making it an unparalleled choice for precision applications. At 11×11 mm, the module’s compact form factor offers adaptability in size-constrained scenarios and easy migration within the scalable xE868 family.

As the first GNSS module to provide centimeter-level accuracy in Telit Cinterion’s extensive portfolio, the SE868K5-RTK is a multifrequency and multiconstellation positioning receiver module fortified by Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) capabilities that enhances positioning accuracy. By harnessing dual frequencies (L1/E1 and L5/E5) the module improves location precision and reduces multipath effects, resulting in unmatched accuracy across various industries. The SE868K5-RTK supports RTK corrections via the RTCM protocol (by which its final performance is contingent upon signal level and antenna quality). Furthermore, raw data output support (via RTCM) empowers developers to manage high-precision applications with ease.

The SE868K5-RTK module can ingest corrections generated by customers’ local base stations or streamed by corrections service providers such as Swift Navigation. Swift’s cloud-based Skylark Precise Positioning Service is the perfect match for the SE868K5-RTK module, enabling reliable centimeter-level accuracy across the widest coverage footprint in the industry and at an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

Additionally, the combination of the SE868K5-RTK with Telit Cinterion’s cellular modules and NExT connectivity services ensures a flawless correction stream to the GNSS module, thereby offering customers all the ingredients for a complete end-to-end high-precision solution. Engineered for seamless operation near cellular devices or other radios, the SE868K5-RTK ensures optimal immunity, making it an overwhelmingly ideal choice for precision applications, especially in locations where the presence of other wireless technology might pose challenges.

The module’s robust design and optimized positioning engine ensure reliable performance and high-quality navigation, even in complex radio frequency environments. Maintaining compatibility and scalability is crucial in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape, and at the heart of the SE868K5-RTK’s design is its compact 11×11 mm form factor, which enables versatile integration across wearables, drones, robots, fleet tracking and precision agriculture. In addition, the planned support for an external inertial measurement unit (IMU) will complete xE868 family with the continuous positioning capability offered by untethered dead reckoning. Furthermore, the SE868K5-RTK’s compact size ensures adaptability in size-restricted settings and facilitates seamless migration within the scalable xE868 family. This allows developers and engineers to effortlessly integrate the module into existing designs or deploy it in new projects without significant adjustments, leveraging the full benefits of high-precision GNSS technology.

The result of a 10 year-long collaboration between Telit Cinterion and Airoha Technology, the SE868K5-RTK module is a global product poised to make a significant impact across industries that demand precision, reliability and versatility. Whether in precision agriculture, lawn mowers, drones, e-mobility, or other high-precision applications, the SE868K5-RTK’s game-changing capabilities facilitate a wide range of possibilities for innovators and solution providers worldwide, with customer samples expected in Q2 and mass production planned for Q3 of this year.

With over 20 years of experience in GNSS applications, Telit Cinterion continues to innovate and provide solutions that address the evolving needs of the IoT landscape. The introduction of the SE868K5-RTK reaffirms the company’s position as a leader in IoT solutions.

“Collaborating with Telit Cinterion on the SE868K5-RTK has allowed us to usher in the next era of precision in IoT applications,” said ChangChing Wu, Senior Vice President of Airoha Technology. “The groundbreaking capabilities of this new module set a new standard while unlocking unprecedented possibilities for high-precision use cases.”

“We take tremendous pride in offering seamlessly integrated RTK corrections as an external service for Telit Cinterion’s SE868K5-RTK,” said Holger Ippach, Executive Vice President of Product at Swift Navigation. “Our Skylark Nx RTK service serves as a full-bodied support system, ensuring developers gain access to consistently reliable corrections for their applications to elevate the performance and precision of their solutions.”

“The SE868K5-RTK demonstrates Telit Cinterion’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge GNSS technology,” said Marco Argenton, VP Product Management, IoT Modules at Telit Cinterion.

“This trailblazing module, boasting centimeter-level accuracy, exemplifies our dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions to meet the dynamic demands of IoT applications, thereby establishing a new benchmark for precision, reliability, and flexibility.”

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